You can participate in new issue of Golden! Link
1 XGN backed by 0.025 g
of 999.9 pure gold
USA +1 646 9346301
Europe +3 728 804 553
Golden Currency LLC
Gold per 1 Golden
0.025 grams
Quality of gold
Total Golden to be issued
Min 40 000
Current status
In progress
How can I participate in new issue and get golden?
At the moment you can get golden by participating in new issue. You need to follow the link and register. After logging in you will find the step-by-step links of how to make a payment and get golden after the issue is over.
Can I get back money that I invested during the emission?
Yes, you can take your money back any moment, not earlier than 5 working days before the emission is over. There are periods when you can take it without any penalties (just related transaction costs are covered) or with minimum fees. Please, find more details in Terms if you would like to know more about it.
Will I get paper banknotes or blockchain ERC20 golden?
You can choose the form of golden to receive (paper banknotes to be delivered to your address or Ethereum ERC20 to your wallet) if you pay for 3000+ golden. In such a case a KYC procedure will take place, during which you will be able to choose the form and provide the address to which you will receive banknotes. In case you pay for less than 3000 golden, you will receive Ethereum ERC20 to your wallet.
What is the minimum number of golden that I can buy?
Currently you can buy not less than 100 golden.
How can I pay for golden?
You can pay currently with Visa/Mastercard, PayPal, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dash. Use a link above to register in online wallet and make a payment.
How many golden will I receive?
The approximate rate is 1 USD per 1 golden. The final number of golden your receive will be transparent and provided to issue participants. It will be defined based on the price of gold acquired minus exchange and money transfer fees and seigniorage.
When will I receive golden?
You will receive golden not later than 45 days after the issue is finished in case of paper banknotes. And in 7 working days after the issue is finished in case of Ethereum ERC20 form.
When will the issue be finished?
The issue will be finished after the Max issue number of golden is reached, or issuer can finish the issue any time earlier after the Min issue number is reached. 1st stage issue period is 60 days, which can be extended for next periods in case the Max issue number of golden is not reached.
What if I paid for 3200 paper banknotes, but after final price is set I must receive 3199,95 banknotes? The minimum denomination is 1 golden. How will I get 0,95 golden?
In case you must receive any sum of golden less than 1 golden, you will get it in Ethereum ERC20 form until denominations less than 1 golden are issued.
I still have questions, how can I ask them?
You can contact us in Telegram or write to for support
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